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Changing your Perspective
Changes your Life

July 29-31, 2016

White Eagle Conference Center
Hamilton, New York

You know the familiar adage of, “What you see is what you  get.” Call it perspective, call it attitude, or one’s perception, but it is how you look at yourself and your life that determines the outcome.  Therefore, it is necessary to fine-tune your perspective so as to invite the good into your life. Are you able to find the good before the bad in situations and people? Everyone has a particular view of life and of living. Yet that view is typically influenced by one’s history or by the influence of others.  It is not always easy to be positive or to remain positive in life. Yet it is always rewarding! Join Ellen Peterson   for a weekend of tweaking your perspective and thereby, changing your life for the better. It only takes a weekend to make a difference!

In this workshop, you will:

  • Identify your current perspective about yourself and your life.  
  • Identify the emotions that underlie and contribute to your current perspective.
  • Develop the tools for acquiring and maintaining a healthy and positive perspective.  
  • Gain the support and encouragement of others to transform your life. 
  • Discover your authentic self who desires to be happy and enjoy life. 



Tuition Cost $300
Workshops meals and lodging: $192

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