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Light of the Soul 2017:
Take the Journey to Freedom

A five weekend program of healing and transformation

2017 Dates

January 20-22th
February 17-19th
March 10-12th
April 21-23rd
May 26-28th

Light of the Soul is a five month personal growth and development program that will transform your life. Light of the Soul 2017 is a new program that will take you on a journey to greater freedom! Too often people settle into the life that they feel forced to have, while dreaming about the life that they desire to have. Are you looking to have greater freedom in your life? Many people long to free themselves from the feelings and obstacles that keep them stuck and unable to move forward with ease. Light of the Soul helps you to transform the feelings and behavioral patterns that keep you stuck.  With greater freedom, you can recreate yourself and your life and allow its magic to unfold. Everyday good pours into your life. You smile and laugh more. You live your life for yourself and for others with an open, more joyful heart. Light of the Soul is the most rewarding and effective way to transform your life on an emotional and psycho-spiritual level. You will emerge from each weekend feeling excited and eager to engage in your living in new and positive ways. Open your heart fully. Renew your enthusiasm and move your life forward quickly. LOTS promises to be an amazing Journey!

This powerful program requires a commitment to the entire program consisting of one weekend per month for five months. Once you attend one weekend you will quickly recognize the necessity of attendance at all weekends. This is a program devoted to you, your needs, your feelings and your life experiences. Each weekend utilizes powerful experiential exercises and in-depth personal exploration that will raise your conscious awareness and move you forward on your path to living life fully and joyfully. Begin today...and join others in experiencing amazing positive changes in your living.


  • Greater meaning in your life
  • Loving and supportive relationships
  • Healthy mind, body and spirit
  • Prosperity and Abundance
  • Joy and ease in your life.

light of soul self discovery workshop

Held at White Eagle
Conference Center
P.O. Box 679 Rte 83 Hamilton, NY

$2000/person* ($400 per weekend)

Early Bird - Register by December 22nd
$1800/person* - 10% discount

Lodging and meals are $200 per person per weekend
(double occupancy) payable to White Eagle upon arrival.

*Tuition may be reimbursable by your health insurance company.



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