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mind body spirit retreatHealing the Mind/Body/Spirit

October 14-16th, 2016
White Eagle Conference Center
Hamilton, New York

October is the season of change as upstate New York gifts us with the brilliant colors of the fall foliage. Likewise, it is a wonderful time to identify your personal season of living and to let go of that which no longer serves you. The mind/body/spirit connection is powerful and deserves recognition and honor. Most people know how stress affects one`s body and well-being. But, did you know that your emotions and thoughts also affect your physical health? Have you ever thought or said, "I am sick and tired of this..." and days or weeks later found yourself with the physical symptoms of a cold or the flu? Learn how the body is vulnerable to dis-ease and develop the tools necessary to prevent and maintain good physical and emotional health. Relieve physical symptoms and enjoy improved health!

It was my first weekend ever doing something like this! I never knew how my feelings affected my health. I learned so much and already, I can`t wait to do another weekend!

Tuition $300 per person
Early Registration by September 17

Meals and Lodging is $200
(double occupancy) payable to White Eagle upon arrival.



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